These TOS are for private, non-commercial commissions. If you are considering a commercial commission, please contact the artist to discuss pricing and terms.

Please read the terms below before sending payment. If something is unclear, feel free to send questions or concerns to

Keep in mind, the prices on display are minumum estimates, before the commission begins, a price must be agreed upon by the artist and the client. Prices may vary depending on the end use, size, medium, complexity, background, and overall difficulty of the commission. "Complex" add-ons include wings, high detail textures such as scales or feathers, detailed costumes, and tattoos.

•Payments are to be made fully in advance. For projects over $100, the the client will be asked to either pay fully in advance, or half in advance and half upon completion.
•If the client chooses to cancel a commission before work has begun, a refund can be given. If the client cancels after sketches are completed, half of the original fee can be refunded. If the client cancels after the art is completed, no refund can be given.
•Paypal is the preferred method of payment online since it is secure and quick, allowing the commission process to move more easily. If the client wishes to pay another way, please discuss alternative payment with the artist.
•Payment is due by the set deadline. If no deadline is set, payment will be due within the first three days of agreeing upon a price. Late payment may result in a refund and the loss of the slot.

•The artist may ask the client to approve process sketches and the client may ask for revisions in the sketch stages. Additional fees will be charged after 3 revisions, and for revisions requiring a new direction in the assignment.
•Clear, concise visual references and/or descriptions must be provided by the client.
•During the process of the commission, the artist will update the client through e-mail as often as necessary. The client is welcome to check for updates when they feel it is necessary. When work in progress (WIP) updates are sent, the client is asked to respond in a timely manner (3-5 days is ideal).
•Communications about commissions should be made through e-mail ( The Artist will not discuss a commission with a client via public forum, instant messenger, or private note.
•The artist may refund and cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, or inability to communicate in effective English.

•The artist has the right to decline a commission for any reason.
•The artist may recycle sketches and preparatory work rejected by the client for use in other commissions and/or personal work.
•The artist retains all rights to the commissioned piece, including printing rights, distribution rights, and the right to display commissioned work on the artist's personal website/galleries. Rights may be negotiated, additional fees may be applied.
•Alterations of the final artwork are to be made only by the artist. After acceptance of the final piece, if further alterations are required, additional payment will be charged over the original amount.
•The client may re-post their commission under the conditions that they only post the low resolution, watermarked version of the piece, and credit is given linking back to the artist's gallery.
•The client may not profit from the artwork beyond the resale of a physical original painting or original drawing.

•If the client has ordered a traditional commission, shipping fees will need to be payed. By default, shipping is done through USPS, fees will vary if the client wishes to use another carrier. The final fee will be discussed in the agreement, usually shipping is around $3-$5. International fees may vary.
•For digital commissions, the client will receive a high resolution file along with a smaller, resized file, (if a specific size is needed, this will be discussed before agreeing upon a final price). If the client wishes, a quality print up to 13in x 19in of a digital commission can be shipped. Shipping and printing fees apply.

While the artist is willing to draw tasteful nudity, the artist will not draw material adult in nature (pornography, extreme violence/racism, etc.). The artist will also not draw copyrighted characters, (a character from a favorite movie or game, for example).

By sending payment, you, (the client), are agreeing to the above terms of service.

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