Since I was raised in Colorado, right across the street from a field of open space, nature and animals have always stirred my imagination. Just by looking closely at a patch of tall grass, a whole world of strange and varied characters, colors, landscapes, and creatures come pouring out. This is what attracted me to the field of illustration; each illustration is an opportunity to share about these fantastic worlds that are familiar, yet so unknown.

Overall, the aim of my work is to help flesh out these fantastical worlds, creatures, and characters while playing with themes of mythology, light/darkness, and the journey a character takes. Whether it is through sketches, paintings, or sculpture, with each piece I enjoy diving into another realm. Through knowledge of anatomy and through research, I hope to bring the unreal into something tangible so that the viewer may experience the same vivid image that my client and I have in our minds. To me, painting and sculpting are the perfect mediums for bringing these worlds to life.

With painting, the main medium is digital since it is easier to keep the colors bright and it is more efficient for quick changes. This allows for exploration, which means each piece can come a bit closer to expressing the image in mind.

My sculptural pieces usually start their life in Super Sculpey, then are cast in resin, cleaned, and painted by me. Pendants and figurines are finished off in hand painted acrylic and pastel. In recent years, my work has been leaning towards sculpture. As much as I love and respect the 2D image, I'm drawn to the wonder of physically holding and seeing the creature as an in-the-round, 3D sculpture. At times, it's almost as if each cast takes on a life of it's own! It's an exciting process that I look forward to developing each year.

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