After 17 years, my best buddy, Pumba, passed away. He's the cat that motivated me to observe and draw the world around me, inspired my love of animals, and has spurred on many illustration ideas. Because of this, it just feels right to have some kind of memorial of him here amongst my art.

When we first met, I remember him stopping in front of me, staring up with those handsome, golden eyes, and he became the first cat to choose me as his human. He was a guardian, letting me know when he thought someone was bad news and always fiercely defending his territory. On the other hand, he was gentle with other animals and those he trusted. Although he was mute, his face and body was so expressive that he's probably one of the chattiest cats I've ever met. Usually he would be "talking" about punching food off someone's fork, or climbing somewhere high. He might -look- cute, chubby, and stumpy, but where he fell short in agility and speed, he made up for with strength and will power. He never let physical limitations block his way.

While I'm sad that I can't physically hold him, or physically look into his big eyes anymore, Pumba is a cloud that has and always will have a silver lining. The good memories by far outweigh any sadness- I feel blessed to have known him, and to have been chosen by such a charming cat.

We're going to miss you, little brother.
June 6, 1995 - March 22nd, 2012


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